onboard review

OnBoard Board Portal Review

OnBoard has dedicated software for running your business and managing your board process. The software is designed to simplify the tasks of directors, managers, and executives before, during, and after meetings and helps in making important decisions for the company remotely in real-time. Save your time, money, and effort by using OnBoard as an indispensable assistant that will always keep everyone informed. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the OnBoard portal and its main advantages.

Overview of OnBoard Board Portal

OnBoard entered the international market almost twenty years ago. Before releasing their product to the masses, the developers did a detailed analysis of business needs and cracks in other office systems. So they came out to create a tool that would meet most of the needs of business employees. The company is always evolving and improving its product to keep up with the times, and the customer service is available 24/7 to provide help to the clients as soon as they need it.

During its existence, OnBoard Board Portal has been rewarded with the title of the easiest-to-use software and the market leader. The software also integrates with Zoom and e-signatures and allows you to do many things from home.

To summarize, the pros and cons of OnBoard are as follows:

+ The program doesn’t use an overly complicated login process and is easy to navigate

+ Monthly system updates offering new features and opening up new possibilities

– Sometimes there are bugs in the system, but the company is constantly improving and working on it

Who can work with the OnBoard Board Portal

OnBoard is quite versatile in its use, this program can be used by organizations such as:

  • Financial institutions -The program offers features that save time and help directors complete tasks and make decisions faster. As we know, people that work in this field often have a lot of data, and the functions OnBoard offers are speeding up the work process
  • Banks – the fact that many banks worldwide have endorsed OnBoard’s activities speaks volumes. The program allows employees in the financial industry to track and authorize transactions wherever they are located
  • Non-profit organization -the program helps to improve and optimize business processes. Remote meetings and negotiations with partners as well as access to information from any device and in any place are possible
  • Health care organizations – Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies use OnBoard to store unlimited amounts of sensitive data in the system vault, as the space has multiple layers of security methods

Features of OnBoard Board Portal

Below we list the main features of the OnBoard Board Portal and how they optimize your experience:

  • Simple interface-adapt and use the space in as little as 15 minutes after purchase
  • Simplified data organization- use drag and drop functionality to organize all the files uploaded to the space
  • Supports almost all files types-allows you to share almost any type of file without having to reformat them
  • Prepared templates – use pre-created document templates to save time creating your own
  • Board meeting analytics -This feature helps directors review the materials they need before the meeting. This way board members will have a better idea of the agenda items your colleagues paid more attention to and can see their notes and abstracts
  • OnBoard Messenger – This messenger allows board members to exchange messages and documents in private conversations or in group discussions where important issues can be discussed privately
  • Secure Voting and Approval -Set upvotes and polls within the space to make unanimous decisions faster and easier. You can vote for any action any number of times